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LNC Members Ask Vohra To Resign Before Final Vote

With Jim Lark’s no vote on the motion to suspend and remove Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra, multiple members of the Libertarian National Committee have asked that Vohra step down suggesting that the members believe the motion will fail with the final vote falling on Chairman Nicholas Sarwark.

“[…] there are solid good faith positions all around in this very difficult manner. Many of us asked Mr. Vohra to resign which is far preferable, and I renew that request here.

I would like to bring to your attention that there was an additional MeWe
post on the same issue which raises the same very troubling issues in which Mr. Vohra stated that if he thought it would be effective that *he would have shot up a school board already.* So….. is that not advocating the initiation of force if it could be proven to work?

Here is the exact post - what Mr. Vohra gives with one hand, he takes away with another. That is precisely the problem,” stated Caryn Ann Harlos.

Bill Redpath and Alex Merced also support Harlos’ call for the Vice Chairman to resign.

Others noted their frustration such as Region 3 alternate Dustin Nanna who stated “I don’t ever wanna see another suspension motion because it’s a waste of time, obviously.”


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  1. I advised in a FB discussion not to vote without the votes to remove him, they did it twice anyway. Every time one tries to vote someone out and fails, it makes the person stronger. I have no doubt that Arvin will double down on his treachery now that he has survived two votes to remove him.
    The story about the woman getting locked up for 19 years for “possession of a small amount of crack cocaine” does not sit well with me either, since the penalty for less than 28 grams is five years max. She was a multiple offender, or had more than an ounce of crack. At what point does she have to accept some responsibility for her actions? I would also add that while our jails are substandard, they are not just “cages”. That kind of hyperbole turns people off to our cause just like calling AR15’s child killers does not win anyone over to the gun control camp.
    In many ways Nick is good at his job - fundraising and parliamentarian skills come to mind, but I can no longer support him. There have been some serious mistakes made by the party since the last convention, and there does not appear to be any accountability for those mistakes. As of now I will ask my delegates to vote NOTA for Chair, but of course they are unbound delegates and can vote for whoever they want to. Since the convention is mid year, and my membership expires in January of next year, I will observe for six months, and if I don’t see any improvements i will just become a small l libertarian and send the $25 bucks to Larry Sharpe.


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