Independence Day is a Celebration of Liberty, Not Government


Americans all across this country today will be celebrating our nation’s birthday with bbq’s, fireworks, and beers.  Not to say that there isn’t anything wrong with that, but many of them are going to fail to understand the true meaning behind the holiday and why we really celebrate.

I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Ron Paul that highlights many Americans ignorance of July 4th. “This week Americans will enjoy Independence Day with family cookouts and fireworks. Flags will be displayed in abundance. Sadly, however, what should be a celebration of the courage of those who risked so much to oppose tyranny will instead be turned into a celebration of government, not liberty. The mainstream media and opportunistic politicians have turned Independence Day into the opposite of what was intended,” Paul said.

“The idea of opposing — by force if necessary — a tyrannical government has been turned into a celebration of tyrannical government itself.”

The former Republican representative for Texas went on to say the signers of the American Declaration of Independence would be unnerved by the recent events unfolding in the country they helped establish more than 200 years ago, and that the current concentration of power in the executive branch, as Paul believes it to be, is on par with what inspired the forefathers to wage a revolution against the British.

This is a tall tale for many in this country to comprehend. Too often the media and politicians across this great land praise the work of the government and force many into a celebration that honors their concentrated power over the people.

The founding fathers fought with tenacity and thrill to ensure that we had a country that was free from government oppression.

I am also reminded of a saying by Murray Rothbard. He stated that “the American revolutionaries were steeped in the creed of Libertarianism, an ideology which led them to resist with their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor the invasions of their rights and liberties committed by the imperial British government.”

So, as you are drinking your beers and eating all that great food never shy away from the true fight that we all have today and that is the constant opposition to tyrannical rule from our government.


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