Keep the Government Shutdown!

The partial government shutdown has been going on since Saturday and guess what? The world has not fallen apart yet.

According to ABC News the government is not even close to a deal to reopen the closed portions of the government:

On day five of a partial government shutdown, negotiations among Democrats, Republicans and the White House appear to be going nowhere.

The impasse has left about 420,000 federal workers working without pay and another 380,000 furloughed.

The Senate is scheduled to be in session later Thursday afternoon, but votes on a spending bill to re-open and fund the government aren’t yet scheduled since an agreement between Democrats and President Donald Trump hasn’t been reached. The House isn’t expected to meet formally Thursday.

The best thing for this country and economy is to keep the government closed. The rate of spending has decreased and has slowed down the impending doom of debt that this country inherits every minute.

There are always the naysayers that believe the purge is going to happen if the government is shutdown, but when a lack of government has a chance to thrive we start to see good things happen.

While I don’t agree with the reason Trump closed the government (over a stupid wall) it is still the best thing for this country. The Democrats should continue to fight him on the wall because it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Those are dollars that could be coming back to me instead of spent on a wall that won’t work.

Therefore, keep the government shutdown! It is for the better!


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (

One thought

  1. I support the shutdown and I hope that Trump does not crumble. If he does not, the GOP most likely will not. The house may pass something with Pelosi’s takeover, but then the senate will be 53-47, so anything the house passes will need 13 GOP supporters to get it through the senate. And then another couple more to override a veto.
    If we did not have the government support programs where individuals coming to this country can easily take advantage of income redistribution, I would also support the Libertarian open borders position. But when these same people come here and shortly after arriving some how they become eligible for government support, then I support a comprehensive remake of our immigration policies to take into account if and when people immigrating are eligible for income redistribution. And that includes healthcare except for emergency services. Those should be covered under any program.


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