Jared Polis Recall Effort Run By the Sore Loser Campaign

First off, as a Coloradan I did not vote for Jared Polis for Governor. Even though in today’s article by The Economist they call him a rare breed, a libertarian democrat. He was the only Democrat that was a member of Justin Amash’s House Liberty Caucus and had a track record in Congress of supporting Liberty minded legislation.

However, since becoming Governor of Colorado he has pushed for very liberal agenda items like fully funded all day kindergarten, the national popular vote law, and the most recent red flag bill which was passed by both chambers of the state legislature.

Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill should it reach his desk. The measure would allow a judge to order that a person’s firearms be confiscated if they are deemed a risk to themselves or others. The request for a protection order would come from law enforcement or family members. A judge could place a temporary order for up to two weeks on the person until it is decided at a hearing whether a full protection order is necessary. A full protection order could be approved for up to 364 days.


Now there is a push to recall the governor that was elected by the people of Colorado by a wide margin. He swept into the governors office with a wave of Democratic support across the state which saw the state legislature going Democrat in both chambers for the first time in many years.

As somebody that doesn’t agree with this recent legislation I am not one to support the recall effort and here is why. This is a governor that was elected by the people of Colorado on the promises that he is now enacting. He is doing exactly what he told the voters of Colorado what he would do.

The recall effort is now being ran by the sore loser campaign and the crying babies that didn’t get their way in the past election. Polis has only been in office for 2 months and according to Colorado law they can’t even start the recall effort until he is in office for 6 months.

Again, as a staunch Libertarian I should be supporting this effort to recall the governor, but I understand the functionality of our government and he was voted into office and so were the Democrats. You can’t just resort to crying and saying recall when you got hammered in the last election. The answer to his overbearing liberal policies needs to be a more coordinated effort to take back the legislature and the governors office and not whining about the loss.


Author: Robert J. Bentley

Defender of #Liberty | Political Scientist & Historian | Founder of The Libertarian Vindicator (www.libertarianvindicator.com)

10 thoughts

  1. This isn’t a sore loser campaign. This is a pissed off Coloradoan campaign. He and his liberal cronies are rapidly pushing legislation through and people are concerned about other bills they might try to pass, which is why a recall effort makes sense. Who knows what MY STATE will be like in 2-4 years if we just wait it out until the next elections!


  2. A “staunch libertarian would actually not resort to simple as hominem attacks, nor do you have a grasp of politics in Colorado if you believe he won “statewide”, it has been the Front Range population nodes versus the remainder of the state for a decade now. (Yes there are places like Pitkin County too.) Add in the disinformation campaign that the Democrats utilized and it is not surprising the rest of the state is in an uproar. You are actually a Democrat based upon this article/opinion, painting it as libertarian thought doesn’t make is so.


  3. Just so you know, there are both republicans and democrats that are participating in this recall effort. We are upset due to his radical agenda, we are upset that we voted down proposition 112 and now he passes another oil and gas bill through, we are upset that this administration is passing legislation that we the citizens of this state should be voting on, such as the electoral college, we are upset about the Red Flag Bill and feel that this is more about taking away our guns than mental health. So if you want to call us “Sore Losers” for being concerned about the future of Colorado then it is your choice, but anyone who supports this aggressive agenda should be concerned about the future of Colorado as well.


    1. I guess this author hasn’t seen the video called Rocky Mountain Heist???? Jared did not win this election fair and square, and if you are a true journalist, you should have seen this video by now!!! Get going on your research kid! 👌🏻


  4. Good lord you sound like anything but a libertarian. Polis was elected on lies and is undeserving of his office. How can you sit there and say it’s the “sore loser” party when the recall effort is an entirely non-partisan effort? Polis isn’t the only target here btw, every representative who has supported the unconstitutional red flag bill, as well as those who pushed the NPV and oil legislation (which the voters soundly said no to in November) are in the crosshairs for recall. You should really change the name of your website, you are absolutely, in no way a libertarian!


  5. Just another entry in the growing Democrat disinformation campaign against Polis and his cronies. We are following the law to the letter. If you don’t like it, STAY HOME.


  6. This has nothing to do with sore loser. Jared lied about his stance on oil and gas in CO. He violated the voters voice. He is directly attacking our rights and wants to remove TABOR. So eliminating mass numbers of good paying jobs and skyrocketing our taxes as well as stripping us of our constitutional rights. That is why we (not a singular group or political party) are standing up and saying absolutely not!


  7. You really shouldn’t have written anything about this. Our voices are not being heard, we voted no on prop 112 and he went ahead and pushed another one through. Pulled a fast one on us…and that shit just doesn’t fly here. We are Colorado not Jared Polis.


  8. Your just wrong my friend. Colorado does not support this guy. The rnc failed Colorado, was out spent, and out maneuvered. Democrats used some of the worst tactics ever seen to lie, cheat, steal and then win. The Republican Party couldn’t even find a candidate that had good support across the state. But enough there. There are 100’s if not thousands of democrats seeking his recall as well, because the see his ideas, his bills, his legislation doesn’t match what they were promised either.


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