New to Libertarianism? You Are in Luck! Sit Back and Learn About the Principled Philosophy


The 2016 election has sparked quite the interest in American politics, particularly with the two most hated candidates in history pitting against one another.  With this interest has come a lot of questions about other choices and philosophies.  One of those philosophies has been Libertarianism, and anybody reading this is in luck! You came to a website that educates people on the tenants of Libertarianism and commentary on the issues that matter the most to Libertarians.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a lot of people Googling the Libertarian Party ever since it was apparent they were going to win their parties respective nominations. Many have looked into Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, and we ran a story the other week about who he is and why he wants to be President. Check that out here.

The best way to really spell out the basics of the Libertarian philosophy is to make you watch a series of short videos that were created by the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

We thank the Libertarian Party of Colorado for producing these videos and appreciate our partnership with them.

This is the philosophy of the future.  This is the philosophy that should and will govern this nation for many generations.  Pass around to all your friends who are on the fence, or ones that aren’t sure what they actually believe.


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