Gary Johnson Has Racked Up a Huge List of Endorsements in 2016

gary-johnson-libertarian-momentThe Gary Johnson campaign released a list of the big name Libertarian’s that have endorsed his campaign for the Libertarian nomination in 2016.  Governor Johnson has proven to be the most formidable Libertarian running and this list of powerful Libertarian’s proves that statement.

Release from the campaign:

May 25, 2016, Orlando, FL The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign released a list of Libertarian Party leaders and libertarian movement luminaries who have endorsed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

As his campaign released the list of endorsers, Governor Johnson remarked, “As we Libertarians head to Orlando for the nominating convention, I am gratified to have the support of so many Libertarian leaders and advocates for freedom. Many of those who are supporting my nomination have worked long and hard to put us in the historic position we are today, and I am humbled to have their confidence.”

Governor Johnson was nominated as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president in 2012.  That cycle, Governor Johnson won a record popular vote total, more votes than any previous Libertarian presidential nominee.

The Libertarian Party will convene in Orlando, FL this Memorial Day weekend to select its presidential nominee.

Below is the LIST of endorsers released by the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign today:

Benjamin Allbright

Kelly Boudreaux

Rudy Carpenter

Ed Clark

Audrey Clement

Ed Crane

Hal Gill

Jim Gray

Alan Gura

Bill Hall

Mark Hinkle

Gary E. Johnson

Rob Kampia

Steve Kerbel

John Kiriakou

Ben Kissel

Charles Kuck

Guy McLendon

Mike Munger

Krist Novoselic

Tom Palmer

Bill Redpath

Emily Salvette

Robert Sarvis

Mark Scribner

Bill Sloane

Michael Strong


Mark Thornton

Richard Winger

Adrian Wylie


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