Gary Johnson Rebounds in New Fox News Poll-Debate Stage In Sight


A new poll by Fox News released today shows that Governor Gary Johnson has rebounded his numbers following the bounce the Republican and Democratic candidates received after their conventions.

In a three-way match-up, Governor Johnson is polling back at 12% nationally against Trump and Clinton. This is an increase over the past couple weeks where the major party nominees received bumps.


Many have asked what can be done to increase Johnson’s poll numbers.

The answer is quite simple. Spread the word about him and the Libertarian message.

Many in this country are struggling to realize that their choices are really Trump and Clinton. Many are yearning for another choice but don’t realize that they actually have another choice. They want that option and as long as they listen to ignorance they will never see that other option. Enlighten them and open their eyes to the Libertarian Party. Blast it all over social media and get your friends to do that as well.

One thought on “Gary Johnson Rebounds in New Fox News Poll-Debate Stage In Sight

  1. joe August 4, 2016 / 5:46 am

    I am not a Hillary fan at all. I thought Trump, but a wall? c’mon that will cost billions.
    Johnson and Weld are my choice.
    Weld speaks very intelligently. Both men show proper respect.


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