Austin Petersen Cold Calling Supporters Ahead of Potential U.S. Senate Run in Missouri


Austin Petersen, the former Libertarian Party candidate for President, has been rumored for months to be considering a run for the United States Senate in Missouri.

Currently, he is in the process of cold calling supporters ahead of his announcement.

These are just some of the examples of Austin Petersen directly calling supporters around the country.

The biggest question that will come out of all of this is whether or not Petersen will run as a Libertarian or a Republican.  There has been a debate for months on which route he will take and we have written on the subject as well.

Why Austin Petersen Should NOT Run for the Senate as a Republican

Once more information comes about his run for the Senate we will be sure to cover the announcement.

If you would like for Austin to call you just send him a direct message on Twitter with your phone number.

Liberty is on the move and it has a bright future!


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