Update: State Charging Cuban Libertarian Party President & VP

LP Cuba

Via Being Libertarian

UPDATE: This story has taken a turn into absurdity; what was an example of a tyrannical government suppressing free speech and other civil liberties has devolved into something resembling a chapter from Catch-22. From one of our sources that has direct contact with the Cuban Libertarian Party:

The team received an indictment last night. Since 2 are on a hunger strike (the ones who were sent back walking), our president and vice-president are paramedics, so they are being indicted for “abandonment” for not nourishing the hungry…

They have to go to court today at 11:00am. We hope they don’t get detained. Those on hunger strike, in solidarity with our members illegally imprisoned, offered to stop the strike tomorrow to avoid legal actions against the party itself…

You don’t even have the right to fast in Cuba. In Cuba, dissidents can’t work legally, hence they don’t receive money. So they literally starve. The problem arises when you CHOOSE to starve, let alone choose to do it in solidarity with imprisoned dissidents…

Check back for more updates on this story.


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