The 10 Most Influential Libertarians


Yesterday NewsMax came out with a list of the 100 most influential Libertarians. The many of us who read the list realized that most of the individuals listed were not even real Libertarians, or have said in the past that they are not Libertarians.

Therefore, here at The Libertarian Vindicator, we decided to come up with our own list, the 10 most influential Libertarians.

We hope you enjoy our list and encourage comments on who should be added or taken off.

  1. Ron Paul  — We agree with NewsMax on this one. “Perhaps no one has done more to bring the libertarian platform into the national spotlight than Ron Paul, the former United States Representative from Texas and three-time presidential candidate. He has also authored several books of libertarian philosophy on economics, education, foreign policy, and freedom.”
  2. John Stossel — We agree with NewsMax on this one. “The longtime network and cable newsman has unpacked emerging stories with a libertarian viewpoint on his way to 19 Emmy awards and several best-selling books. Stossel is also a syndicated columnist and, as of this year, a contributor to the Reason Foundation and ReasonTV.”
  3. Nicholas Sarwark— Mr. Sarwark has done great things as the chairman of the Libertarian Party in recent years. He oversaw the largest expansion in LP membership as well as vote totals in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  4. Penn Jillette — We agree with NewsMax on this one. “A man of many talents and media, Jillette has made his name as a Las Vegas magician and TV host of Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us,” but has since become a sought-after social commentator, debunking the sleight of hand behind many big-government talking points.”
  5. Austin Petersen— Mr. Petersen ran a successful campaign for President as a Libertarian coming close to unseating the odds on favorite Gary Johnson for the nomination in 2016. He has sparked a new wave of Libertarian youth since his run for President and is currently active in spreading Libertarian ideals and philosophy across the country.
  6. Larry Sharpe We agree with NewsMax on this one. “The libertarian activist and political commentator provides training and consulting work for many industries through the Neo-Sage Group. He sought the Libertarian Party’s nomination for vice president in 2016.”
  7. Gary Johnson — We agree with NewsMax on this one. Despite what other Libertarians will say Governor Johnson set records for the party in his runs for President. The former New Mexico governor is the most recent presidential hopeful from the Libertarian Party and one of the most successful third-party candidates to date. Johnson garnered nearly 5 million votes, almost reaching the 5-percent threshold that would have given the Libertarian Party greater federal election funds.
  8. Julie Borowski — We agree with NewsMax on this one. “The political commentator discusses current events on her YouTube channel. She was a policy analyst at FreedomWorks and writes for the Daily Caller, Red State, and Townhall.”
  9. Adam Kokesh— Mr. Kokesh has made waves ever since his time serving in the Iraq War and starting the group Iraq Veterans Against The War. He is a Libertarian activist that is considering a run for President in 2020.
  10. David Boaz — We agree with NewsMax on this one. “The executive vice president and longtime member of the Cato Institute has been credited as a significant influence in the libertarian movement. Among his several books on the subject, “The Libertarian Mind” is considered a must-read work and recommended by other libertarians on this list.”

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