Breaking News: Austin Petersen Running for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican

The 4th of July. The day this country declared indepdence from Great Britain and their tyrannical rule. In 2017 we face tyranny everyday within the walls of our government. Politicians thrive to control our lives and dictate our actions. Congress spends most of the time figuring out ways to strip away any last thread of liberty that we still have as a people in this great country.

All of that is about to change as Austin Petersen is announcing his intention to run for the United States Senate in the state of Missouri.

There has been much speculation as to which direction Petersen might take in running for this seat. Will he run as a Libertarian, where Petersen has made a name for himself, or will he challenge the Senate seat as a Republican.

In a guest article for the Kansas City Star Austin Petersen, the former Libertarian Presidential candidate, announces he will be running for the United States Senate as a Republican and challenging the sitting Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

We had sources inside Missouri confirming this earlier to The Vindicator and this Kansas City Star op-ed seals the deal.

(The Libertarian Vindicator was unable to reach Mr. Petersen for comment after multiple attempts.) 

Even though we encouraged Austin to run as a Libertarian is previous stories, we are delighted to see true liberty minded candidates running for public office in this country. A changed is needed in our government and fast! Petersen will provide that change and start a new course for our country.

It will be hard for somebody like Petersen to convince a party that has a strong reputation for rejecting the Liberty movement to give him their nomination.

Maybe once he is elected he will switch back to the Libertarian Party and stick it to the establishment?

The Kansas City Star pulled down the op-ed last night. They probably weren’t supposed to publish it until tomorrow but we saved a PDF copy of it for anyone that might question our reporting. 



  1. Claire Abortion doesn’t want to make America Great Again.

    Let’s drain the swamp and put Austin in the US Senate, we need him desperately so we can put the demorat traitors and the media in the place where they belong to: the terrorist list.


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