Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen Creates Petition Urging Potential Challenger to Finish Term

Hawley Ladder SCRSHT

With the recent news of former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen potentially being challenged by Missouri’s newly elected Attorney General, Josh Hawley, for the Republican nomination for Senate, the campaign went on the attack by setting up a petition to urge Hawley to finish his term.

During the AG’s campaign, he made the promise to not be another career politician moving from one position to the next, which would be very ironic since he was elected to his office last November. Petersen’s website states “Last year, Josh Hawley attacked “career politicians” for “climbing the ladder.” Now, he’s exploring whether to run for the US Senate — just months after being elected Attorney General.”

And in true Austin Petersen style, the Senate hopeful has made the URL for the petition,

It is encouraging to see the campaign pointing out the flaws of establishment Republicans and demonstrate that they are going to work hard to show the citizens of Missouri why the state needs a Libertarian Republican.

To add your name to the petition and view the campaign ad of  Josh Hawley’s promise click here.


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