Murder is Murder, Regardless of Reason: The Charlottesville Atrocity

I will never cease to be confounded by those that try to put murder in a subcategory. It really is simple, you’re either a killer who takes life in an unjustified manner or you’re not! 
These sub categories that we often add to vile takers of life (terrorist, hate-crime) do nothing more then deflect our attention from both the investigation and what a rational societies response should be to such nonsensical slaughter. 

Yesterday, a man plowed into a group of people with a motorized vehicle and took someone’s life. He snuffed out an existence. Someone who was possibly a valuable and contributing member to our society. I would be willing to guess someone loved the victim of yesterday’s atrocity in Charlottesville. Someone will NEVER BREATH AGAIN! Never go swimming again. Never have another birthday party. They will never have anything, ever again! THAT is what we should focus on. 

The reason why James Alex Fields did this is irrelevant to me. He had hatred in his heart, I don’t care. He was a bigoted POS and a giant blemish on the face of our society and western culture, but so what? If you’re not using force or fraud against someone than I don’t give a fiddlers f*** how you feel or what you think. Be a racist if you want, freedom of thought and freedom of assembly I say. 

We need to get past this idea that some murder is worse than others. I have a hunch that the victims in their final moments didn’t differentiate, so neither should we. 
So as we come to grips with both this tragedy and this horrifying display of bigotry and intolerance in Charlottesville, I ask this of you the reader. If someone killed someone you love, would it really matter to you what the reason was? 


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