Adam Kokesh Makes First Known Crypto Transaction Behind Bars

In what is likely another world first for the former Marine and author, Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh has made the first crypto currency transaction behind bars.

Adam was arrested within 40 minutes of formally announcing his candidacy for President of the United States on Tuesday. During the traffic stop that eventually lead to his arrest, Adam initiated a crypto transaction using the popular website which was accepted. However, Adam was not able to confirm the transaction until hours later as he was turning his phone into the jailers.

That transaction was carried out within the next 30 minutes.

Although crypto currencies have been used to bail people out of jail numerous times, this is the first known instance of a transaction actually taking place behind bars.

Adam Kokesh is a strong supporter of crypto currencies and was arrested while he was traveling to attend the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL.

Kokesh has pledged to localize, liberate, or liquidate every federal agency in order to enact the peaceful, orderly dissolution of the entire US Federal Government.


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