Spy vs Spy

The Land of Oz, Washington DC, is in a state of perpetual hysteria. Democrats and Republicans run around with their hair on fire bleating about the unfairness of it all. While libertarians argue over the value of the NAP or should we or should we not saw off stop signs in a show of anarchy. It’s really very comical since our elected officials are responsible for the hubbub. The partisan chicanery is coming full circle as our nation’s elected officials play the blame game about Russian collusion, the larceny of the Clinton Foundation, leaks, re-leaks, lies, dossiers, dark shadowy operatives et al. Secret FISA courts, anonymous judges, information that could be used to limit the secret courts willfully withheld; it’s all so very KGB. The Mueller investigation is suppose to be in motion to sort all this trash out and finally inform the citizenry of what our representatives are up to. Holding your breath ? Don’t. What is really going on in the ” deep state ” will never be freely shared with the people. National Security and all that.
The Republicans and Democrats have hitched their wagon to, what they claim to be, a false dossier or the gospel, instigated by an elusive spy, Christopher Steele to discredit or credit the allegation that the President of the United states is in bed with the evil Russians. The election of 2016 was a fraud according to Hillary Clinton herself, who cannot seem to pry herself away from the limelight. Too bad. The fact that Trump won the election is too much for some.
This kind of controversy is perfect for the deep staters, life time bureaucrats embedded in the offices of the humongous federal jobs program, to do what they do best. Create, write, and push for even more regulation of an already over regulated Federal Government. Make sense ? The pencil pushers are very busy parsing every word to ward off the one thing that would bring all this nonsense to an end. Transparency.
An illustration of the total lack of transparency in our government is the latest version of who killed John F. Kennedy. President Trump said he would release classified records of the event that changed America. There was a big buildup, than, nothing. It’s always that way. We know less about our government, how it operates, who are the players, and where does the money go than is healthy for The Great Republic. We trust elected officials to do the right thing after their promise to do so only to be lied to. You want someone to blame. Start with the citizenry. We elect these fore-flushers after all.
It is reasonable for the feds to claim national security in denying the populace information on what the ” swamp ” is up to; but only when national security is at risk. According to the government minions it’s all national security. Just listen to Adam Schiff, D. Ca the ranking member of the House Intel committee. He said the memo written by Devin Nunes, R. Ca the Intel committee chairman should not be released because it threatened our national security. Upon release that assertion proved false. How many other secrets are the fed’s holding in the name of national security ? Probably more than we’d like to admit.
There is a solution, although a radical one. While we all run around spouting talking points to support our political beliefs, the great swindle is in high gear. This latest battle is not about the Russians it’s about power. How do you defeat power ? You pull the plug. Let the government shut down. The people can play this game as well. We can insist that any CR resolution to fund the government be voted down. The only thing the citizenry will accept is a budget. Remember them ? Me neither. This constant distraction is putting the Great Republic in jeopardy. A long shutdown would be worth it if we could gain some manner of control over our elected officials. We can insist: No budget, no government.


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