Lies Precipitate Missile Strikes in Syria

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Syria, Januar 2017 - Homs was once the center of the Syrian revolt and today, about two-thirds of the city is a wasteland

By Timothy Eyer

On the afternoon of April 4th, the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun was hit with a chemical attack that killed 86 people.  While the mainstream media would have you believe that this attack was conducted by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, but any proof to validate such a claim has yet to been given. At this point in the game, it would make absolutely no sense for the Assad regime to do this. The initial reports of this incident were given by the white helmets. But it is a documentable fact that the white helmets are aligned with Al-Nusra Front which is the Syrian version of al-Qaeda.


In 2013 a similar situation occurred, a sarin gas attack occurred in Ghouta, Syria. The same war hawks screaming for military intervention now were saying the same thing back in 2013. But the U.N. independent international commission on Syria said that the sarin gas attack of 2013 was most assuredly done by the rebels, not the Assad regime.

By attacking the government lead forces in Syria we will only empower ISIS to take control of the region. ISIS has taken credit for or inspired well over 70 attacks in 20 different countries not including the countries of Syria and Iraq. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and thousands more have been wounded as a result of ISIS terror plots.

The Obama administration went so far to arm The Free Syrian Army, supported by the war hawks in the congress and senate. The Free Syrian army has since dissolved and joined ISIS. So now the terrorists are using and have access to weapons manufactured in the US. This may have not been done purposely, but we armed the terrorists.  This is what eventually happens when the US involves itself in regime change. Regime change inevitably results in more violence and chaos, as it did in Iraq and Libya.

The United States is playing right into the hands of what these terrorist organizations want. Shortly after the missile strikes in Syria congressman Thomas Massie said: “ISIS is better off this morning than they were yesterday.” The United States has a long history of perpetuating lies that lead to war, this is no different than Iraq having weapons of mass destruction or the Gulf of Tonkin incident that lead us into Vietnam both being done under false pretenses.

The results of this missile strike will only prolong the war in Syria. Another direct result of this strike is defense stocks have risen which was the exact result the military industrial complex wanted. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon (manufacturer of the tomahawk missiles used) have all gone up.

For far too long we have positioned ourselves for endless war in the middle east. We should start to take Eisenhower’s advice to beware the military industrial complex. With that in mind, I’ll end with a quote by the late great George Carlin “It’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for you!”



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