LP Cuba Inaugurates New Headquarters in Pinar Del Rio

1 cuba

The Libertarian Party of Cuba (Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti) has been making steady progress this past month to grow liberty movement in Cuba. This Wednesday, the party successfully inaugurated their third headquarters in the Pinar Del Rio province.

The expansion of liberty gives this author much hope that more and more Cubans will join the fight to free Cuba from it’s oppressive, Communist regime. Through multiple arrests, police raids and threats from state authorities, the party has remained strong and continues to expand.


The party’s statement from social media can be found below:

“The party is growing. The new headquarters of the Cuban Libertarian Party - José Martí are scheduled to be inaugurated in the province of Pinar del Río. No one on the team owns a phone. They maintain contact with Havana from public telephones, but that does not stop them. The struggle and the love for freedom overthrow every barrier the tyrants place before them. Liberty is unstoppable.”


Support the Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti by liking their Facebook page, the Instituto Mises-Mambi Facebook page, and donating to the Instituto Mises-Mambi here.


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