Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Responds To Florida Shooting

Gary Johnson Florida Shooting

Using his experience as Governor of New Mexico when Columbine High School was the victim of a mass shooting, Gary Johnson responded on Fox News to the shooting that occurred in a South Florida high school last week.

“[When Columbine happened] I was asked as Governor ‘well what do you do to prevent a situation like from occurring in the future. Well, I said, you’re not going to like the answer and I’m not advocating it because of all of the issues surrounding it, but if you want a real deterrent, you would require teachers to carry weapons,” stated the former Presidential candidate, who then cited a poll that found 75% of teachers don’t want to carry weapons.

Continuing to explain he wasn’t for arming teachers, he did state that those that do want to be armed would be a big deterrent to active shooters.

When the former Governor was presented with someone who believed that people shouldn’t be allowed AR-15s he responded “If you take this to this extreme […] you’re going to have a great number of law abiding citizens that are in fact going to keep those weapons and now we’re going to have an entirely new category of felons because they in fact are keeping those weapons and for otherwise keeping those weapons they are law abiding.”

The interview concluded with Johnson’s thoughts on a potential independent John Kasich run for president.

The full interview can be found below:


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