Ron Paul Responds to Libertarian Convention Speaking Controversy


Ron Paul has officially responded to Libertarian Party National Convention controversy. Dr. Paul is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party who paid for his membership with a gold coin. In the video below he asks “do I get my gold coin back?” While there are many contradicting reports pertaining to this issue, with both sides claiming fake news.

We should be building bridges in the liberty movement, not burning them down. Enough of the infighting, let’s strive for a middle ground that will appease both sides.


Author: Timothy Eyer

Timothy is a graduate of Fullsail University with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and a 2017 graduate of the Virtual Mises University in Economics. He is an amateur Civil War historian and a lifelong champion of Liberty. Mr. Eyer is Chairman of the Livingston County Libertarian Party and a member of the Libertarian Party of New York. An avid activist, he fights for 2nd Amendment rights, jury nullification, and ending the war on drugs. He is an advocate of free markets, Austrian Economics, and school choice. Timothy believes a free and voluntary society is best for a prosperous civilized nation. He is also the co-host of a weekly Libertarian minded podcast.

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