The Great Thing About Libertarianism? It Allows Us To Disagree

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By Arvin Vohra

In fact, I bet that I disagree with many libertarians on the best types of music, the best TV shows, the right food to eat. My views on marijuana and marriage may be completely different from yours. We might prefer different forms of self-defense, different styles of literature, and different styles of clothing.

I consider that diversity of thought and opinion to be great. If a law had been passed when I was 18 that turned my personal preferences into law, I would have personally lost immensely. I would never have been introduced to shows like Firefly, or books like Snow Crash. Laws that catered entirely to my views would have robbed me of knowledge and education.

That’s why freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and complete property rights are so important, and why keeping government force out of the way is essential. When “your” way is turned into law, it provides only a short-term advantage for a long-term loss. Your ideas aren’t challenged, and you don’t get to see ideas that you might agree with more.
I support the elimination of all obscenity laws. In the past, great ideas have been considered objectionable, and have been banned, or attempted to be banned because they were deemed obscene:
I also support the elimination of all FCC censorship. Gutting art of any kind, including art you dislike, simply because you dislike it, it literally robbing yourself of possibilities. You might not like what’s there now…but how will you feel about the next generation of music or TV that it engenders? Note that FCC bans keep shows like House of Cards, the Sopranos, Orange is the New Black, etc. inaccessible to millions of people.
I also support eliminating all government involvement in marriage or gender. Any number of any gender of consenting adults should live however they like. In doing so, they may innovate some relationship techniques that will work for heterosexual monogamous marriages, which currently have embarrassingly low success rates, despite massive social support.
Obviously, eliminating those government agencies should come with a corresponding tax cut.


Arvin Vohra is the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party and has contributed articles for the Libertarian Vindicator


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